Foster home

Here you can find all information about our foster home.

We are a foster home for guinea pigs, approved by the veterinary office in Celle, according to § 11 Para. 1 S. 1 No. 3 Tierschutzgesetz (TierSchG).

Our capacities are designed for 25 guinea pigs.

We take care of guinea pigs that are ill or in other distress.
We do our best to bring them back to health and find them a home appropriate to their species.

Here you can find our guinea pigs that are ready to move into their new home.

Mediation guinea pigs

At the moment no mediation
At the moment no mediation

Our requirements:

- no single keeping of guinea pigs and caging

Guinea pigs aren't animals for the children's room nor are they cuddly animals.

We will hand over every guinea pig with a contract.


- at least 2m² for 2-3 guinea pigs (the more the better)

The area of the enclosure should have at least a running surface of 2m², several floors count extra towards the size of the enclosure.


- at least 4m² and 4 guinea pigs.

The enclosure must be predator proof on all 6 sides and also have an insulated shelter for cold days.

Feel free to contact us for further information.